Kitchen Gangster?

Vance Miller

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Vance Miller is an entrepreneur from Rochdale, in North West England. Currently the chief executive officer of Maple Industries China.

Mr Vance Miller has appeared in court many times, but not in the last three or four years. Strangely enough, in the years leading up to his last court appearance in 2009 there hasn’t been a case brought against him that he has lost. I could understand if he spent a fortune on crooked lawyers to get him off on some obscure legal loophole but here’s the weird part – in almost all cases he defended himself! There’s an old saying in the legal profession: - “a man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client” Lets be serious here...a guilty man might be lucky enough to get away with it once, but how likely is it that a serial conman with no legal training whatsoever is going to bamboozle one judge after another and make a mockery of the British legal system by successfully defending himself against trained barristers in cases costing millions of pounds, 3, 4 or even 5 times if he’s actually guilty? I don’t have the knowledge to search the legal records but I’m willing to bet that you can count on one hand how many guilty people have ever done that more than once. Apparently he has been charged countless times but has never actually been found guilty of a dishonest criminal offence regarding the supply of his kitchens.

Vance Miller the notorious kitchen gangster!! For well over 30 years Vance Miller has been dealing with cheap kitchens and has successfully made a fortune by doing so. Vance Miller's kitchens are the cheapest kitchens that you will ever find. Vance has been known as the kitchen gangster, scammer, rogue, swindler, dodger, swine and these are just a few of the names Vance Miller has managed to get for himself over the years. When you first see the name Vance Miller on the big wide web or in the media, he never comes across as the most reasonable, reliable man to work with when dealing with kitchens. His reputation has been built not by himself but by highly jealous competitors within the kitchen industry. How Vance Miller sees his business is that, why try to sell over priced kitchens when he is getting them so cheap himself. Although Vance Millers kitchens are so cheap this is not due to a lack of work from Vance Miller, in fact he is the hardest working man I have yet to come across.

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The facts of Vance Miller are a far cry away from the lies these competitors have made up over the past 30 years. For example, from the comments made he owns anything between 40 and 450 kitchen companies. These companies have been shown to either be none existent or where he will just completely rip off any customer who dares to buy a kitchen from him. The fact of this comment is that Vance Miller has been operating his kitchen empire from the same address in Oldham for the past 30 years when he started his Kitchen venture.

The amount of people Vance Miller has apparently scammed out of money and kitchens is just un real. As far as I am aware no-one could possibly get away with such behaviour. The government just simply could not allow anyone or any kitchen company to continue to sell kitchens. So maybe Vance Miller's reputation is just mounts up to the fact that his competitors have nothing else to do but try their hardest to destroy Vance Miller's kitchen business.

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Vance Miller relies on no-one but himself at all times, he works hard to produce the best cheap kitchens going. Vance Miller has attended court plenty of times over the years, but Vance Miller has yet to lose any case set against him. Even though Vance Miller's kitchen business has made him millions of pounds he refuses to pay for top lawyers and he has in almost every case defended himself. People may think that this is a foolish move made by Vance Miller, but to him why should he pay top wage for something he knows that he is guilt free from. No conman no matter how good they believed they was would ever be able to con judge after judge. Vance Miller has been charge several times but never actually proven guilty of any dishonest crimes regarding his kitchen business.

Some facts:

In 2006,
To better utilise the space on the back of the 3,000,000 kitchen flyers he dropped every week, Vance Miller started to promote his most recent import, small motorbikes, available to be purchased.
On 21 February 2007,
Under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005, Trading Standards Officers in Oldham requested Vance Miller, again exchanging from Maple Mill, to promptly withdraw four sorts of mini bikes from sale. Trading Standards affirmed that the items failed national wellbeing procurements.
In December 2008,
Vance Miller was cleared of all charges against him identifying with the quad bicycles that he sold. The kitchen supervisor was cleared of nine counts after Oldham Council withdrew its case of evidence against him. Trading Standards, under the support of Tony Allen, had effectively averted Mr Vance Miller from offering his supply of mini bikes for very nearly 2, before they withdrew their case. Not surprisingly, they meddled with his business without bringing about any punishments whatsoever by utilizing the officers court framework to carry a counterfeit body of evidence against him which they then dropped.
In 2009
The Advertising Standards Authority maintained an objection about his kitchens being advertised as 'solid wood' when parts of them, it was asserted, weren't. After a Crown court case effectively protected by Vance Miller, the ASA were compelled to concede the choice was inaccurate and withdrew it.
In January 2010,
In a Crown Court case that, interestingly, was NOT carried by the Crown Prosecution Service however by Trading Standards, Vance Miller was cleared of intrigue to dupe clients in Oldham.

Some fascinating truths turned out throughout the case which are a matter of public record: Trading Standards initially claimed through press discharges and evidence given, that Vance Miller's organization had accepted in abundance of 50,000 complaints in excess of a five year period. Due of the Dti's hesitance to prepare records to substantiate this, Vance Miller's defence group utilized the Freedom of Information Act to request the real number of authentic objections made. The jury were stunned to hear that the real number in 2005 was, indeed, just 73. The past year there were 83.

Throughout the trial, Trading Standards admitted that this number of dissentions was at last discovered to be not exactly 0.04 % of the amount of kitchens sold for each of the years said. To place this in point of view, in a later Which? study, B   Q were found to have accepted dissentions from over 42% of their countless kitchen purchasers every year, a truth which is infrequently ever reported by the daily papers, and which Trading Standards don't seem to discover fascinating enough to start an examination or begin prosecution.